I live with Soil , I breath in soil and I’m a farmer.

A farmer said that “ may be I can make money with soil but for each action my heart beats high, when crops need rain, I can just pray for rain but can’t do anything other than that.” A Fisher man smells fish , a milk man smells milk and a farmer smells muddy. We can live without anyone but not without a farmer. May be he is an unpaid hard worker carrying our hunger in his shoulders. In India, everyone is profitable except farmers. Who have an unpredictable salary? Whom do you think , they would be ? They do a lot for us but they are paid very less by us. Without their existence, we wouldn’t lead this comfortable and luxurious life. Even if you have thousands and thousands of crores , you won’t be able to live without their work. But, you pay them very very little while you pay their customers a lot . Whom do you think they would be ? Yes, they are “Farmers”, the unrecognized , the unpaid , the unjustified framers after all. They produce crops to lead their life, they consider it as their profession. They know only how to produce crops thus they continue to produce crops even if they don’t get to live in luxury. There is a saying , “Farmer is the King” but everything happens synonyms to it. Can we even imagine our life if they think of stop producing crops? They struggle, we enjoy. They live under sun , we live under a roof. We should be happy that we have a roof under us. They are so unlucky that they couldn’t live under a roof even if they have a roof. They need to work under the sun 24/7. Even if they think of relaxing under a small roof. This sudden weather conditions wouldn’t allow them to do so. They face problems like no sun in a summer reason , no water in a rainy reason. They couldn’t predict this weather conditions. Supposedly, even if their crops are ready without any problems like weather. They don’t get a proper price. When everything is perfect , every farmer will get good crops . When there are many good crops , the production is more but

sadly price turns to be low. What should they pray God? God ! give good weather so that we can relax at least for a moment or God! give us bad conditions and let our crops don’t get damaged so that less production leads to bigger price in market. Think of which one they wishes for. They don’t even have the right to pray for all. They do all the hard work but eat very little . While we don’t do anything but eat like anything. What is justified here? Farming is the only difficult profession ever found. They do a lot for us but we give very little to them . We don’t pay them directly but pay who sells their crops. The second person is always profitable but they aren’t. When will farmer get good days? The fertilizer shopkeeper is richer than anyone in this society because he will have only poor customers who don’t know what are it’s actual prices. There are instances where farmers sells their assets to find one good fertilizer to kill pests in their farm. The fertilizer shopkeeper is living under an a/c while farmer live under sun. Farmer sells his assets while fertilizer shopkeeper earns his assets. What is justified here ? Our country will be happy only when a farmer is happy. I salute to all the farmers of our country for providing food to us. Without you , there is no we.


The smile is missing in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is one of the cosmopolitan cities in this country. It has different people coming from different states . People living in Hyderabad will probably know three main languages i.e; Telugu ,Hindi and English. It is the joint capital of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is also called one of the costly cities . Many people coming from other states , start a new business in Hyderabad.
Inspite of having all the rich sources in the city , it is lacking something . Nowadays , people in Hyderabad are busy with their schedule , they aren’t enjoying their work. No recreation spots are making their best profits out of it. For example, theaters are empty even in weekends , no movie is running more than two weeks . Water parks are not filled , this may happen because of the climate . None is ready to welcome health problems. Parks are closed even during the desk , this may happen because they don’t want to spoil the greenery. None is actually free , everybody are running with their work. People in the sense , there are children , adults and old age people. If we consider these three stages of people , then who is happy among them.
Children are burdened with assignments , projects , tests etc. This is generally happening with all of them since ages . Parent and their expectations are more and more where they tend to do suicides. There was a silent girl who failed around four subjects in her intermediate , she jumped from fifth floor building. She is no more. Some of the children become violent with their friends after seeing their parents quarrelling infront of them . Parents quarrelling infront of them may even effect their acedamics. Violent in the sense , they may turn to this extent where they molast other one. It is hard to find a child who is active in everything.
While adults are given deadlines , they don’t get to relax even a minute . We can see youtubers making videos of a person who just started working and his problems. Adults are always in a struggling position , if it is housewives they are watching serials in which the protagonist is always weeping . If they are working women or men , they go to office at 7am and return at 7pm. If they are doing agriculture , weather isn’t coopering with them . Most of them stopped making crops.They are attacked by big merchants who are ready to compile these agricultural land into a venture. Now every vegetable/ fruit is not less than 30₹ per kg . It happened because the supply has come down. There is a village called Railapoor in medchal mandal , Hyderabad. In this village 90% of them stopped doing agriculture. They started giving their lands to make plots. The following villages has already turned into plots. Weather condition is also an another reason for this happening .From past six months , we don’t get to see full continuous sunny days in a week. If it is hot one day , the following day it is cloudy.
When it comes to old people , they will either live in their house or oldage homes. They will be watching TV 24/7 or sleep all the time.This has been found by the over filling of rescue homes and oldage homes. “Second chance” is a rescue home located in Yapral. There you can find the reality of old people , to why they got such a situation to join in a rescue home.
” There is diminishing ecstacy in Hyderabad” . Hyderabad has changed a lot . There is a gradual decrease in everything. It became a costly place , nothing is available for a cheaper price. Like the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. Poverty is still there in Hyderabad like the Jubilee hills and the slum behind. Recently, Hyderabad met with an incident where even other business men who came to do their business were met with a huge loss. There is an exhibition named “Numaish” also called Nampally exhibition which is happening from around 79 years. This exhibition has helped people to grab things for a cheaper price. Sadly, there was a fire accident in Numaish which burned around 400 stalls. The security over there could help people but couldn’t stop burning of those material. Eventhough there were many more fire extinguishers , it was all in vain. Huge loss resulted with their owners and people of Hyderabad lost their minimum chance of buying things. I hope Hyderabad gets its previous days again.

College and her first day

She heard it is the best college . I have responsibilites now . Yes! I’m a grown up kid . Yes one last time , i would like to call myself a grown up kid . Will this college last like my best college ? I have seen many college background movies. Oh ! Should I wear western or to follow the dress code? Will my teachers be friendly or strict like my school principal ? Offo! open gate man , I can now explore the whole city. By the way , how would my canteen look like ? Will they have Biryani ‘s or just chai samosa ?

She searched her college completely but couldn’t find my classroom . She didn’t know what was her main subject , she found a notice board where everybody were peeping into. She found all her class groups and room numbers. She couldn’t figure out what is the above room numbers and class groups. She randomally went to each and everyone and asked if they were from first year. They told her it was her language class supposed to happen if she was from B.A. Then she started asking everyone if where is the language class happening. Someone replied it is Tv room , finally she entered the class but found none to be there. She was surprised if she was the only student who has taken Telugu as her second language. She sat there for an hour but none ever passed from that lane. She walked out after an hour , and again started asking if where should she go after this class. There she got someone to ask , she asked her if where should she go . The other girl asked her branch and took her class room number 57. This was the first time she felt blessed to sit in a crowded class. But people around her were from B.SE . Poor girl again started walking out . She found a teacher asking why are you looking sad , what happened ? The teacher came to know that people going to study in B.A branch must go to capatonia hall. She asked if I didn’t hear any announcement the previous day. And finally she reached the students of B.A who were having a guest lecture on what are they going to study. This blunder has happened for her in the very first day. She realized hearing to an announcement is how important to study in a college like St.francis College for women, located in the heart of city.

Hyderabad and Food

Hyderabad is the best city , for all the foodies here I’ll write about various foods to taste when you visit Hyderabad. You should definitely have a large buffet called
“Sahib’s Barbeque” located in hi-tech city. It has some delicious starters and tasty main course and huge deserts. If I tell you the whole menu you won’t be that surprised when you visit the place actually. I can unlock one surprise for you that is they serve haleem all the days. Their biryani’s are amazing , actually it is a mugal background restaurant. In Hyderabad , it is the best buffet . The next place to visit would be” Paradise “, their faluda’s are awesome . You will know Paradise restaurants are located all over hyderabad. I didn’t ever step to any other state , so I purely know only if Paradise is being located in Hyderabad . You must definitely go and try once. Next place would be “mandi @ 36” . This place has an awesome mandhi food. Their varieties include chicken , mutton , fish mandhi’s. The mutton mandhi is a must try dish. The mutton piece is finely cooked. Also their deserts are yummy . Next place you should visit is the “House of dosas” which is having all the south indian breakfasts located in banjara hills. They even have pizza idli with them . They have a wide spread of dosas. The place to all the vegetarians is ” Rayalaseema Ruchulu” . There is a place called Rayalaseema in Telangana. It has authentic spices of Rayalaseema. People who belong to Hyderabad also should try this place . It is meant for thali’s and Buffet which are spicy. Next we have “Roastery Coffee House ” , this is a beautiful ambiance place . You will love their mutton keena omelette , cheese filled sandwiches and coffee & ice cream combination is heavenly. If you are person who love starters , you will enjoy them in ” Tiki Shake”. Also if you love bakery items , there is a bakery called “Universal Bakery ” near chermas in Paradise. They have wide variety of items like piazza’s , burgers , chicken drumsticks etc. For each item they give a complimentary food item along. Another great Mediterranean buffet is ” Felchazo ” . They have a great offer , if you take people who are before 6 years , they consider them as complementary and from children who are 6-10 years , they charge only ₹99 . They are meant for their great service. When you run out of money but you want to have anything tasty , there is a place called “Lamakaan” located near GVK mall , Hyderabad. If you an ambiance lover and want to try new food , there is a place called “Tinespo” by Bharat Pen located in Kompally , Hyderabad. Their chefs are trained to cook variety of designer food items for you. They have coloured burgers. If you are a vegetarian , I can help you taste great vegetarian food. There are “Santosh Dhaba’s” all around Hyderabad . They have mouth watering paneer butter masala . You should taste it with some garlic naan. Another good news for fish lovers , there is this restaurant called ” Fisherman’s warf” , they have really good prawns and shrimps. Another great ambiance roof top buttet , it is called ” Exotica” . If you visit this place at night , you will remember this place for years. Another delicious doshas awaits you in “Ramkebandi” . They have variety of breakfast even at midnight . They
cure all midnight cravings of having tasty pizza doshas. There is a place called “Tollgate” located Jubilee hills . They have mixed noodles which you should definitely give a try , also their starters are yum like anything.There is an another place just opposite to Tollgate i.e; “United Kitchens of India ” . They have menu according to different states. We can choose different states varieties like Telangana kodi kura , Tamilanadu chittunadu chicken etc. Their food is tasty and also we have an outdoor setting which is special. Next place to visit would be “Le vantage cafe& bar ” , this place is awesome a good ambiance . It is friendly place. Most of the people happen to plan get-togethers there. You need some tasty chinese food , then you should visit “10 downing Street” , they have really

good combos to serve. Gokul chat is another one that you should definitely try. It is located near sultan bazar , Koti. Koti is a shopping place , people who come to shopping will never miss to visit this gokul chat . Their items are really tasty. Living in Hyderabad you should definitely try their chat before dying. People cuming to Hyderabad should never return before trying this place. To all the foodies this is a blog fully about Hyderabad food and food . Do visit all this places when you visit Hyderabad.

HYDERABAD & Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping especially when there is a sale of flat 50% off ? There are a few places that you shouldn’t miss which have offers all the time. Some of them include –
” Charminar “in old city , for those who live in Hyderabad who doesn’t know about Charminar. This amazing place in old city is a center for the famous Hyderabad’s pearls and bangles ( charminar ke a chudiyaan). The prices are very affordable and caters to everyone’s needs . The price varies from the very low range to high range and the shop keepers are very accommodative.
The next place would be ” Sultan Bazar ” at Koti . They have lots of western fashion like shoes , jeans , jackets etc. There is also the famous “Gokul chat” near sultan bazar about which I written in my food blog. You can find every possible kind of item there and they’re also very inexpensive .
There is a place which is very near to Sultan Bazar i.e; ” Begum Bazar “. If you are looking for a place which gives everything for a wholesale price and quality you must visit Begum Bazar . There are diverse range of shops , if anyone’s wedding is going to be , one spot shopping is none other than begum bazar.
The next place would be ” General bazar ” . The name is symbolic of all the things you get in general bazar. It is famous for fabric and textiles with reasonable quality for a cheaper price. You will be deemed to buy such clothing after seeing the quality. Footwear is very affordable , you get use and throw footwear for just 100₹.
Have you heard about exhibitions like the label bazar, hi life, akriti , etc . They are very costly , they won’t be affordable to all . There is one exhibition named “Numaish” also called Nampally exhibition happening in nampally itself. It is happening from around 79 years. They come every year to Hyderabad and set up their stalls here. They have all the things like jewellery , clothing , footwear , food , antiques , electrical appliances , crockery and cutlery etc. They are affordable to all ,where bargaining is also allowed. You get for more cheaper rate if you bargain.
If you are looking for a place which can give you a fine fabric . There is a place called “Meena bazar ” in Abids. This place is comparatively cheaper than other bazars . They have really good bride and groom collections for a wedding.
Other all places would be movie malls like forum mall , capital city mall , city center mall , in orbit mall , GVK mall etc . You will get all types of brands available in this type of malls . Keep visting Hyderabad.

Can marriges happen this way ?

Marriage is a legal union of man and woman as wife and husband.It is the bond between wife and husband for lifetime.Many people claim that marriages are made in heaven. It is very important to know each other before marriage.
In olden days , women use to get married at the age of the twelve . During that age , the girl doesn’t know what actually is marriage about . Whereas nowadays , globalisation and rapid spread of knowledge empowered women with equal rights.They are able to choose their life partners. It is not the age where Shashi A Deshpande’s “I want ” was written . This present generation will very soon turn as ” Marriage is a private affair”. Loved marriages will become common in no time. However, it depends on each individual if they want to do arranged marriage or love marriage. Excepting what type of marriage they did , eloping is the biggest mistake of this young generation. There are few instances where parents will become lonely if their children leave them. They get so furious as to kill their own children. Parents should kindly ask their children if they really like the broom/bride . Women eventually jump into conclusions if their parents aren’t listening to what they are trying to say. No girl can marry someone after knowing that the person isn’t a suitable guy for her. No girl can listen to her parents blindly. Surprisingly , a few parents are globalised now . They are asking their children’s opinion before marriage. Most people believe that they want their marriage to last a lifetime. Because over half of the marriages in the United States are found to be divorced . Most people lack the understanding of what it takes to stay married. I believe that couples should become more aware of the commitment that they are making when they enter into marriage. Men and women should completely know one another before deciding to get married. Important issues such as religion, finances, carrier should be discussed before getting married. They should meet eachother personally. They should understand eachother completely because marriage is the ideal relationship ever found. I hope marriages should happen like a festival and celebration for everyone one day. One day should satisfy the both the families because marriage is not between two members but two families.